Free Data Generator

These free tools allow you to generate complex data sets in different formats. Choose from dozens of data types such as names, addresses, numbers, texts, IPs, URLs, UPC/EAN, telephones and much much more. The data used is of very high quality and perfectly reflects that of your target language and country.

This tool currently supports generating data sets for CSV, Excel, XML, JSON and SQL. Contrary to most online tools, we support N-levels hierarchies, i.e. we do not limit our generated data set to one root level with XML and JSON for example. You can define a full hierarchical structure. Our SQL generator even allows the creation of satellite tables with foreign keys.

You can import, export and save all your data templates. Make sure to log in using one of our supported social networks to protect your data. We only use your username or email to create a unique user within our system. We do not send mails, post to walls, solicitate your friends etc.

This is a very early beta version. Please report any errors that you encounter using the following email: Make sure to include your browser version as well as the steps to reproduce.

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